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The road to recovery is a process unique to each individual. Some people benefit from self-help groups while others require medically supervised drug detox treatments. If you’re battling a substance use problem and want to begin the road to recovery, you may want to consider a Milwaukee inpatient addiction treatment facility, or an inpatient rehab that’s out-of-state.

These facilities can provide you with the round-the-clock treatment you need to make a change. Because they use diverse treatment methods, inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers in Milwaukee offer an effective way to recover from substance use. Speak live with an addiction specialist today at (866) 269-8940 to find out more about your extensive recovery options.

The process starts with detox

If you choose to enter a drug and alcohol inpatient treatment center in Milwaukee or elsewhere, your path to sobriety will most likely start with detoxification. This process purges the body of all traces of the substance. As this can have intense physiological effects, it’s best to undergo detox under the care of medical professionals.

Withdrawal can be painful. That’s why doctors often use medications to help patients withdraw safely and effectively. This is known as “medically managed withdrawal,” and many inpatient facilities use this technique because it allows patients to clear their bodies of substances while minimizing any unwanted side effects.

While undergoing drug detox can help rid the system of dangerous toxins, it doesn’t alter the behavioral patterns that lead to addiction. That’s why inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers follow the detox procedure with specialized therapy that gives patients the tools they need to succeed. While nearly 24 million Americans needed treatment for addiction in 2009, only 2.6 million received inpatient treatment. If you’d like to make a real difference in your life, contact our inpatient rehab specialists today at (866) 269-8940 to learn more.

Types of inpatient programs

There are many drug treatment programs, and you should choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and needs. Most of these treatment programs will begin with medically supervised drug detox. After you’ve successfully rid your body of the substance, it’s time to make behavioral changes that will help prevent a relapse.

The shortest inpatient drug rehabilitation programs in Milwaukee last from 28 to 30 days. These treatment programs assist with the detox process and help patients examine the nature of their addiction. Patients often undergo individual and/or group therapy. Other treatment programs can last up to 60 days. Longer programs give patients time to establish a support network, learn how to live a sober lifestyle, and examine their addiction triggers.

There are also 90-day programs, which are sometimes recommended for people with severe substance use disorders. These programs are great for people who need more assistance on their path to sobriety, but they require a greater allotment of time. Some people may be unable to leave work or family for two or three months.

If you’re considering undergoing drug addiction recovery, our network of addiction treatment specialists can help. Call us today at (866) 269-8940 to find an inpatient center that provides the individualized care you need.

The benefits of inpatient treatment

There are many benefits to inpatient treatment. If you think your recovery process would go more smoothly under medical supervision, you may want to consider inpatient drug and alcohol treatment.

Inpatient centers offer patients 24-hour supervised care. If you’ve ever tried to get sober only to relapse thanks to withdrawal symptoms, you know how hard it can be to overcome that initial hurdle. When patients are admitted to an inpatient center, they have a team of specialists attending to their needs and concerns every step of the way. From the detox process to the group therapy sessions, medical professionals are on hand to provide effective, comprehensive supervision. You shouldn’t have to recover on your own. With the help of doctors, therapists, counselors, psychologists, and others, your path to sobriety will be much easier.

These centers also provide patients with a setting that is free of distractions. When you try to get sober at home, you aren’t isolated from the people, places, and things that trigger your addiction. At an inpatient center, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to focus solely on your recovery, which can be essential to immediate and lasting success. You’ll learn how to function without a dependency on drugs or alcohol.

If you have a substance use disorder and believe that inpatient treatment could help you through the first phases of treatment, call our addiction specialists today at (866) 269-8940 to discuss your options.

Factors to consider when choosing an inpatient facility

When choosing the type of addiction treatment, there are many variables to consider. From the length of the treatment to the staff’s credentials, you need to choose a facility that meets your individual specifications.

As you begin to research facilities there are certain things you should inquire about. Ask about the age and gender of the treated patients. If you’re a woman in her mid-20s, for example, you may feel most comfortable opening up to people of a similar demographic.

The length of the program is another important consideration. A month of treatment may be enough for some individuals, but other patients may need care that is more thorough. You should also consider whether a program allows patients to extend their treatments. If after a month, you don’t feel as though you’ve made sufficient progress, you may want to prolong your stay. If you think this is a possibility, you might want to find a facility that allows you to extend the length of your program if necessary.

Some facilities allow patients to receive visitors while others do not. Support from friends and family can be crucial to the treatment process, but solitude can also be an effective path towards recovery. Try to gauge whether visitors would enhance your stay, and then find a drug and alcohol inpatient treatment program in Milwaukee that meets your criteria.

You should also inquire about the overall philosophy of specific programs. Some follow a 12-step program while others use a faith-based treatment. Others offer individualized treatment plans that cater to the needs of specific patients. You should select the treatment philosophy that offers you the greatest potential for recovery.

If you’re in Milwaukee and need drug and alcohol inpatient treatment, our addiction specialists can help. Call us at (866) 269-8940 to begin the process.

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